Kjersti Timenes : About the Artist

For many years I worked as a Assistant Professor at Agder College of Education, where I taught arts and crafts (textiles, painting and drawing). Now I am retired. My own education as a teacher was followed by two years of studies in arts and crafts (painting / drawing and textile crafts) in the seventies. In 1992 I finished my masters degree (in Norwegian: hovedfag). My thesis concerned experiments with materials and surfaces in tapestry weaving. (The title in Norwegian: “Material- og strukturvirkninger i billedvev”). For a long period tapestry-weaving was my main artistic interest beside my work. About year 2000 I decided to leave the loom, and sold all my weaving equipments. from then painting has been my primary interest. Since my retirement in 2003, I have dedicated all my time to painting. Since 1995 I have had several exhibitions, mostly separate, first tapestries, then paintings.