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In 1988 some of my colleagues - teachers in science – with Agder College of Education was engaged in a project called Coast-watch International. The aim was to watch the environment along the coast combined with awakening responsibility for the environment among students and pupils in primary schools.

Two of us who taught arts and crafts became inspired of this. We wanted to express the idea of this in picture and sculpture.

My colleague Anny Haabesland participated with sculptures modelled in clay and other materials. My part was weaving tapestries.

(All  these are private property.)



Blue Mussel I (Blåskjell I)

Size: 40 x 42 cm + woden frame. Covered with grinded gray acrylic glass.


Blue Mussel II

Size: 75 x 58 cm


Blue Mussel III (Blue Mussels measures pollution)

Size: 42 x 268 cm


Blue Mussel III - section

Littorina Littorea

Size: 116 z 110 cm


In the blue sea (På svaberg og tang)

Size: 88 x 100 cm


Water-snail I (Strandsnegl I)

Size: 52 x 42 cm + wooden frame

Water-snail II

Size: 101 x 108 cm



Size: 89 x 45 cm.

Transparent tapestry



Size: 101 x 48 cm

Transparent tapestry.


From the exhibition in Bomulds-fabrikken 1995