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The nine faces of the soul



Nine portraits inspired by The Enneagram.


The Enneagram is an ancient description of human personality. It describes nine personality types, none better or worse than another, yet different in their way of responding to the world.

This idea I have used for weaving nine small portraits, all 30 x 30 cm, and one bigger, containing all nine types.

The inspiration for the faces I have found among different artists, well known painters from Cezanne to Wesselman.


All these tapestries are for sale, NOK 1500 for the small ones, and NOK 6000 for the big one.


Several books is written about the theme. A few examples:

    Hurley, Katleen V og Theodore E Dobson:  Veien til vekst med eneagrammet. Oslo, Verbum 1996

    Rohr, Richard og Andreas Ebert: Sjelens ni ansikter Oslo, Verbum 1993

    Riso, don Richard  and Russ Hudson. The wisdom of the Enneagram. New York, Bantam Book



1. The perfectionist (perfeksjonisten)

2. The giver (hjelperen)

3. The Performer (streberen)

4. The individualist (individualisten)

5. The observer (observatÝren)

6. The loyalist (tvileren)

7. The Epicure (livsnyteren)

8. The Challenger (lederen)

9. The Peacemaker (megleren)

All nine (alle ni)

Size: 100 x 90 cm